Saturday 8th December saw the two Windsor themed, intra-league teams: Hawker Hurricanes and Merry Wives face up to each other for the second time in two months.  The previous game saw the Merry Wives steal the win in the final jam when the Hurricanes jammer was sent to the penalty box for a cut-track, major penalty. 

The action on Saturday at Windsor Leisure Centre was just as close and just as exciting as the previous game with several lead changes and draws throughout the sixty minutes.  This time however it was the Hurricanes in green that took the win in the final few jams, the final score: Merry Wives 149, Hawker Hurricanes 158.

Siouxsie Sutures jamming for the Merry Wives in red

Intra-league games at Windsor Rollergirls utilise a strict rolling (queuing) bench: everyone gets to play just as much as everyone else, resulting in valuable experience for players at all levels and a chance for all to practice the new WFTDA ruleset. 

Sophie Ellis Decks Her jamming for the Hawker Hurricanes in green

On Saturday 15th December we’ll be doing it all again but this time at Spelthorne in Staines before heading off to RWRG sponsors, Frankie and Benny’s for Christmas dinner.

Poster features Sophie Ellis Decks Her jamming for the Hawker Hurricanes and Sam ‘Trashbag’ Bonathan in red for the Merry Wives.

 All photos courtesy of Craig Richmond.