Taking on the number 2 ranked team in Europe seemed like the perfect way to prepare for whatever ‘skate odyssey’ in Gent might thow at us, so when London Rollergirls’ Brawl Saints agreed to play us at such short notice we were thrilled.

Cle-Blam-O jamming in blue for Windsor

An early power jam saw Windsor take the lead, but this didn’t last long and a flurry of blocker penalties before the half time saw Windsor fielding just 2 blockers in consecutive jams.  Half time, the scores: Windsor 32 – London 121.

Sophie Culverhouse (blue)

The second half and Windsor walls gave it their all against powerful jammers Fox Sake, Lola Vulkano and Red ‘n’ Roll and strong, persistent offence from Goregasm and Lady Go-Go.  Meanwhile the 5-strong Windsor jammer rotation picked up more lead jammer status and as a result more points.  The final score: a prediction beating: Windsor 161 – London 221. (http://derbydataeurope.com/2013/04/29/windsor-19-vs-london-brawl-saints-2/)

In blue: Lolly Stewart, Marie Melvin, Caron Laptalis and Nikki ‘Mouth’ Hazell

We’re all hurting today but are extremely grateful to the Brawl Saints and can’t wait to do it again.

Lolly Stewart blocking (in blue) for Windsor

This Thursday we’ll be heading off to Gent, our first game: Friday at 9am (8am UK time) against Helsinki.  More information about the tournament and how you can watch all the games as they happen can be found here: http://www.2013skod.com/

All photos courtesy of Matthew Williams – thank you 🙂