With the Birmingham Blitz Dames founded in 2006 and The Royal Windsor Rollergirls a year later in 2007, it’s hard to believe that Saturday was the first time these two teams have come together on the track.

With a predicted score of Windsor 162 to Birmingham 150 (www.derbydataeurope.com/) this long-overdue game was set to be close and exciting.

CruciVix jamming for Windsor (blue) – Photo courtesy of Craig Richmond

The Windsor side (in royal blue) got off to a great start with an impressive opening jam for Vicki Blampied (CruciVix), creating a lead that Windsor were able to hold on to for the remainder of the 60 minutes with additional crowd-pleasing jams from Emma Thomson (Siouxsie Sutures) and Sophie Culverhouse.

Saturdays game also saw Cleo Timney (Cle-Blam-O) make her debut for ‘Who Dares Windsor’, having only joined the league in September of 2012, but already proving to be a formidable jammer and blocker delivering a heavy hit to Birminghams’ Penny Block in the first period. Windsors blockers held firm against the strength and speed of Birmingham’s jammers, including Violet Attack (Team England 2011), managing to concede just 115 points, while Windsor scored 225.

Marie Melvin blocking for Windsor – Photo courtesy of Craig Richmond

Awards for this game were presented to:
Emma ‘Siouxsie Sutures’ Thomson – Best Jammer
Elaine Stevens – Best Blocker
Sophie Culverhouse – MVP

Windsor are now preparing for a Valentines weekend in Paris when they take on the Paris Rollergirls. You can next see them play at home on March 16th, when the Lincolnshire Bombers return to Windsor for the second time.

Photo courtesy of Craig Richmond

Anyone wanting to have a go for themselves is welcome to come along to Windsor’s next new starter session on Saturday February 9th at Charters Leisure Centre, Ascot, 11am. The session is free, equipment is provided and beginners are welcome.