We were thrilled when WFTDA apprentice league Tiger Bay Brawlers invited our ‘A’ team: Who Dares Windsor to play them in Cardiff in their first WFTDA mock sanctioned bout.  We’d been doing our homework and knew Tiger Bay were good we also knew they’d had some big wins recently and this was a great opportunity to see how we measured up. 
Derby Data Europe had predicted a win to Tiger Bay of 200 to 72, our aim of course to beat this.  After an exciting and extremely hard-fought thirty minutes Tiger Bay were leading 117 to 49.  In the second half Windsor were able to close the gap slightly: the final jam of the afternoon seeing strong defence from Windsor’s Nikki Hazell (Mouth) and Elaine Stevens and Windsor jammer Rachel Hillsdon pushing through for 33 points, the final score: 212 to 140.  A result that should see Windsor rise 5 places in the rankings.

This was our first trip to Wales and we had a great time.  Thanks to the Tiger Bay Brawlers for hosting and giving us such a challenging game. 

Player awards went to:

Best Jammer – Rachel Hillsdon

Best Blocker – Nikki Hazell (Mouth)

MVP –   Sam Bonathan (Trashbag)

If your team would like to play Windsors A or B teams (home, away, closed or open), please get in touch: boutliaison@windsorrollergirls.com

 Words by Marie Melvin.