It was a clean sweep for SDRD’s Team Douchebag at Sur5al for Boys in Windsor this Saturday.  The team made up of Rollin Stone R, Ballistic Whistle, Reaper, Henry the Sk8th and Flat Track Bully were the first Sur5al team to achieve maximum points; with 5 points for a win and 1 point for gaining lead jammer status, 11 jams meant there were 66 points available and that’s exactly what they got!

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Team Douchebag were not only crowned the Ultimate Sur5ors, but also scored the highest number of jammer points on the day with 354 from just 11 jams, Reaper was the highest scoring jammer of the day and also achieved the highest score in a single jam with 48 points (this beating the previous Sur5al record of 46 points held by Admiral Attackbar and Kevin).

Royal Windsor Rollergirls head coach Rollin Stone R was also awarded the prize for the highest number of legal JTO’s (jammer take out).

With Head Referee Cherry Fury allowing 5 majors across the 11 jams this event really was all about Sur5al and playing clean.  As the day progressed some teams saw their numbers dwindle to just 3 and even 2:  hard work for the reduced teams, an opportunity for the rookie teams and hugely entertaining for the audience.  Harm & Hammer (Crash Test Brummies) in yellow, played their final jam with just 1 player: Bad Daddy Yan who with the crowd behind him, despite his best efforts against 4 opposing blockers was unable to stop the jammer.

The jammers displayed plenty of crowd-pleasing leaps and spins, highlights provided by Mr Furieux (Nothing Toulouse), Rile E. Coyote (Harm & Hammer), Reaper (Team Douchebag),  Rolling Thunder (The F*ckest Uppest) and Ballistic Whistle (Team Douchebag).

Other highlights were provided by Spectral Aberwraytion playing alongside Surrey and Basingstoke first timers in Death Valley Villains, who convincingly gained lead jammer status powering through the Nothing Toulouse defence and earning the Death Valley Villains their 1st point of the day.  

Congratulations to Team Douchebag for their wins, to the teams who finished with all 5 players still on track and to the rookie teams who took on experience and whose growth throughout the day was visible to all.

Thanks to everyone who took part, officiated, volunteered and supported. 
Thank you to Inkabilly, Rogue Runner and Hockey Range for supplying prizes.



Ultimate Sur5ors

1st – Team Douchebag

2nd – Nothing Toulouse

3rd – Team SWS and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder

Total Jammer Points (team)

1st – Team Douchebag

2nd – Team SWS

3rd – Nothing Toulouse

Highest Single Jam

1st – Reaper 48

2nd – Ballistic Whistle 45

3rd – Mr Furieux 39

Jammer Take Outs

1st – Rollin Stone R

2nd – Ballistic Whistle

3rd – Sully Monster