This year the annual UKRDA hosted event at Tattoo Freeze was a Sur5al* competition; 15 teams, tons of roller derby fans and a whole day of exciting action on skates.

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Representing Windsor in royal blue were Rachel Hillsdon, Elaine Stevens (captain), Marie Melvin, Sophie Culverhouse and Sam ‘Trashbag’ Bonathan.  Windsor’s jams were close throughout the day, but Sur5al is all about the win and the 5 points that comes with it.  At the end of the 14 jams Windsor placed 9th overall (5th place on jammer points).  The Ultimate Sur5ors, Rainy City Roller Girls represented by Dee-Mise, Missy Rascal, RED, Randi Razorlegs and Belle-istic.

Thanks to our own Head NSO, Kirsty Thwaite for her work behind the scenes before, during and after the event. 

*Sur5al is a 5-a-side roller derby tournament developed and launched by the Royal Windsor Rollergirls in March 2012.  15 teams of 5 take part, all playing each other once in a full 2 minute jam.  There’s no calling off the jam, 5 points are awarded for a jam won, 2 for a jam drawn and 1 point for each lead jammer.  If you would like to host your own Sur5al event, please get in touch, we can supply all the tracking paperwork and spreadsheets, tee shirts, rules, guidelines and everything else you’ll need.

 Check out our facebook page: Royal Windsor Rollergirls to see more great photos from the day.