Results – August 18th 2012


First things first,  thanks so much to all the officials, volunteers, stat’ takers, anouncers and players, especially those players who stepped in for teams/players who pulled out at the last minute (yep, next time we’ll be taking a deposit!).

Second thing to say is IT WAS HOT, if the audience were feeling it, the 75 skaters, 13 referees and 3 laptop operators were REALLY feeling it!

The tournament kicked off with the Mighty Ducks of the Royal Windsor Rollergirls in yellow vs last-minute, stand-ins(thanks guys) Free Pu$$y* Riot in green with 4 players from the London Rockin Rollers (LRR) and 1 player from Middlesbrough Milk Rollers. This first jam went to the Mighty Ducks.


                                                      The Mighty Ducks

All 15 teams played each other once during the tournament, that’s 105, full 2 minute jams.  The Mighty Ducks led the table for much of the day, but with more teams still to play their final jams, it was looking like the Ultimate Sur5ors would be 1 of 5 teams: The Mighty Ducks, Wolfpack, Team Rainbow Unicorn, The Hits and Hot Wheels, with 4 skaters from Hot Wheel Roller Derby, and 1 skater from Portsmouth Roller Wenches (once again, thanks guys for stepping in at the 11th hour!). 


        The Hits (brown) vs Coast Busters – Jet Reckless jamming for The Hits 

So, with 5 points awarded for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 point to each lead jammer the final results table looked like this:

1 – The Hits (Bristol Roller Derby/ADHD) – 67

2 – Wolfpack (Middlesbrough Milk Rollers and Central City Rollergirls)- 66

3 – Mighty Ducks (Royal Windsor Rollergirls) – 62

4 – Team Rainbow Unicorn (Romsey Town Rollerbillies)- 59

5 – Hot Wheels (Hot Wheels Roller Derby/Portsmouth Roller Wenches) – 57

6 – Maroon 5 (Lincolnshire Bombers/Dolly Rockit Rollers/Mean Valley Rollergirls)- 56

7 – Team Hive (Birmingham Blitz Dames)- 49

8 – Holy Guacamoles (S.W.A.T. Roller Derby/Grid City) – 47

9 – Coast Busters (Seaside Sirens) – 40

10 – Kill Billies (Croydon Rollergirls) – 26

11 – Free Pu$$y Riot (London Rockin Rollers/Middlesbrough Milk Rollers)- 25

12 – Massive Attack (Bristol Roller Derby)- 21

13 – B-Lieve (Royal Windsor Rollergirls) – 19

14 – Rebel Ink (Rebellion Roller Derby) – 18

15 – Plan B’s (Royal Windsor Rollergirls) – 10

The Hits also picked up the award for most jammer points of the day and Hits jammer, Kevin #70 picked up the award for the most points scored in a single jam, matching Admiral Attackbars record in the first Sur5al event with an incredible 46 points in one jam! 

The award for most legal Jammer Take Outs (JTO’s) of the day went to Hot Wheels, Nuclear Miss-ile #17.  With the previous holder RWRG’s Trashbag taking second place.


                                           Hot Wheels, Nuclear Miss-ile

Stand-out players for the crowd: Jet Reckless (Bristol Roller Derby), Rocky Ell Boa (Middlesbrough Milk Rollers), Trashbag (Royal Windsor Rollergirls), Magic Beanz (Grid City Division) and Violet Attack (Birmingham Blitz Dames),

Congratulations also to @davecartledge  who had ‘The Hits’ in the RWRG Tweetstake and wins a goody bag full of treats.


                                  Wolf Pack, (MMR) Rocky Ell Boa

A special mention also to the Plan B’s, a team of relative rookies who stepped up at the last minute to replace a withdrawn team, they fought hard and learned lots, going on to win their final 2 jams.

So, that’s it, an extremely hot ‘n sweaty day of exciting roller derby in Windsor.

If you’re a guy with 4 guy friends who want to take part in Sur5al For Boys, October 20th, there are still places left, just drop us an email


For everyone who asked about hosting their own Sur5al event, please get in touch.

See you in October!

All photos courtesy of Craig Richmond

*apologies for the edit, software rules.