On August 24th, 75 awesome skaters will meet in Windsor for Summer Sur5al Remix, all 15 teams are made up of 3 ladies and 2 guys and today we’re gonna tell you who they are!

So… put the date in your diary and  join the facebook event so you’ll be the first to hear about tickets!

Team 1 – Dragonforce – playing in red (Cardiff Roller Girls and SWS)

Enemy of the Skate
Insane Bolt
The Mechanic
Marc of the Beast


Team 2 – Croydon Roller Derby – playing in grey (Southern Discomfort and Croydon)

Herbie Licious
Rolling Thunder
Do or Dyduch
Sookie Smackhouse


Team 3 – White Lightning – playing in white (Southern Discomfort and Seaside Sirens)

Katy Peril
Killer Bite


Team 4 – Free Radicals – playing in maroon (London Rollergirls, London Rollergirls Rec’ League and Southern Discomfort)

Lisa Goers
Spectral Aberwraytion
Block Lobster
Pip Bull
Natasha Byrne


Team 5 – Foxy Morons – playing in sapphire blue (Bourne Bombshells, Surrey Rollergirls and Southern Discomfort)

Toxic Block Syndrome
The PhilosoFear
Richard Smashcroft
Bullet Bomber


Team 6 – Sheffield Roller Derby – playing in royal blue (Sheffield Steel Rollergirls and The Inhuman League)

Zombie SlayHer
Nicky Fury
Beat Monkey


Team 7 – Rainbow Danger Squad – playing in forest green (Bristol Roller Derby, SWS and Tiger Bay Brawlers)

Jet Reckless
Tess Robinson
James Hayes


Team 8 – Bangers and Smash – playing in purple (Surrey Rollergirls)

Evil Badger
Just Jess
Canni-Bill Corpse


Team 9 – Rollin’ Rockers – playing in yellow (London Rockin’ Rollers, Southern Discomfort and Brighton Rockers Roller Derby)

Noise Tank
The Mighty Mighty Bash
Jack Attack
Betty Swollox
Piston Broke


Team 10 – Rad Omens – playing in violet (Tiger Bay Brawlers, SWS, Ponty Pirate Derby Dames)

Nelly Retardo
Three Sixty
Electrix Avi’n U


Team 11 – Plan B – playing in Irish green (Central City Rollergirls and Crash Test Brummies)

Agent Dana Scurry
Barry Fight
Lethal Sizzle
Viv La France
Captain Cageman


Team 12 – Team Double Threat – playing in pink (London Rollergirls, Tiger Bay Brawlers and Southern Discomfort)

Kitty Decapitate
Sutton Impact
Flat Track Bully
Kid Block


Team 13 – Mean Valley Roller Derby – playing in navy blue (Mean Valley Roller Derby)

Diva La Lunatic
Bean Stalkin-ya
Bad Ass’assin
Epic Flail


Team 14 – Freakin’ Rad – playing in orange (Portsmouth Roller Wenches, London Rollergirls and Southern Discomfort)

R.I.P. McMurphy
The Duchess of Crutches
Peggy Peril
Lil Jon


Team 15 –  Terminal 5  – playing in sports grey (Royal Windsor Rollergirls and Southern Discomfort)

Rollin’ Stone R
Ballistic Whistle


That’s our teams, told you they were awesome!

Fan Tee Shirts

If you want to support your favourite on the day you can order a Summer Sur5al tee shirt in your teams colours NOW by emailing sur5al@windsorrollergirls.com (tees are £10 and you’ll receive a free Summer Sur5al sticker with every order).

Follow us on twitter @WindsorRG to enter our tweetstake and win great prizes!  Sponsors, photographers please email sur5al@windsorrollergirls.com

Stick around after the event as we’ll be partying in the park by the Thames.