Introducing Tash of the Titans.

Tell us about your skate name.

I chose my skate name because I like greek mythology and its a play on words; Clash of the Titans/Tash of the Titans and I like the newer version of that film 🙂

How and when did you get into roller derby?

I started Roller Derby a year ago on Feb 18th 2012 after I moved up here from Salisbury. I had been to some LRR intraleagues before that and really enjoyed the experience so decided the best way to make friends in a new place was to join Windsor! I only agreed to move to Reading so I could join RWRG. FACT!

What are your roller derby highlights so far?

I’ve only played intraleagues so far but my highlight was playing in the first one as a HH (and winning I think?) and going to Paris to watch all of RWRG kill it!  I don’t think I’ve ever shouted that much in my life and I had a bruised palm from cheering and clapping so much. Being in the TT is great too.

What are you looking forward to in the world of roller derby?

I’m looking forward to going to Gent in May (whether it’s to support or play) and finally geting some skates that I won’t have to tape my feet into to keep on.

Is there another derby player you really admire and why?

I really admire Lane (Windsor A Team Captain) as she has a good derby brain, powerful hits and good strategies. She also does awesome jumps.

What’s your derby super power?

I think I hit quite hard. I hit Sian (Windsor’s Rambo Blackshanks) out of the door on Sunday which I feel bad about!

Do you have any advice for a rookie skater?

My advice for a rookie skater is to keep getting up when you get hit and carry on! Come to a lot of practises and get stuck in with events as an NSO as you learn a lot.

Who’s your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is Little Don because I bribed her (she’s always nice to me whether I deserve it or not).  Also Heaf (Amy Heath) but she won’t admit it.

Tash (in red) jamming for Windsor Intra-League team the Merry Wives

Quick questions…

Favourite song? I don’t have a favourite song because I always change my mind but I love No Doubt, Placebo and Billy Talent.

Favourite film? Muppets Christmas Carol and I know it word for word… :/

Favourite food? Pub burgers and chips. OR CURRY!!!!! Or cadbury’s fudge.

Favourite drink? Chocolate Yazoo and I have one after scrimmage every sunday 😀

Favourite holiday destination? Kingsbridge in Devon because I love paddle boarding and crabbing and also pasties!

Favourite TV show? Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Favourite twitter account? I don’t have twitter so I guess the RWRG twitter account @WindsorRG