Royal Windsor Rollergirls love a bit of a challenge.

So, this Easter Bank Holiday, we will be taking part in a mammoth SKATE MARATHON that will take us from our regal town of Windsor to the vibrant City of London. It’s a formidable distance when relying on leg power alone, but it’s just a small journey in comparison to what RWRG have coming up!
To help raise funds for our trip to Florida for the Beach Brawl Tournament in May, we will be lacing up our skates and following the historic route of the first ever ‘polytechnic’ marathon – the first marathon with the now standard distance of 26 miles and 385 yards. Since this was recorded as starting at Windsor Castle, what could be a better event for a team from that Royal borough! Legs will burn and blisters are sure to be had, but it’s all for a good cause – getting us across the pond for our first ever game in the US of A! So please, support RWRG by donating anything you can, as roller derby is funded almost purely by the players.

Follow the link:

Our lovely sponsor, Skate Station, will be joining us for the full route to attend to any loose plates or wonky wheels that 26 miles or rough surfaces could bring about. Please check out their skate shop, stocking all the latest products:

There are also many other ways you can support RWRG and help us get the America:

1) Get your ticket for the 50:50 Raffle – for just £5!

2) Buy a Beach Brawl vest – for just £12!

3) Dare a skater to complete a task for a fee with ‘Who Dares Windsor’  – for any price you see fit!

Or come to some of our home games!