Let me take you back six months ago and introduce you to a young woman with no confidence, no athletic ability and no real hobbies. She does, however, have a variety of bad habits and plenty of negative things to say about herself. Despite this, she knows she ought to pursue an interest she’s had for a number of years – thanks to a random episode of CSI she saw once, featuring roller derby (apparently). So she decides to bite the bullet and attend a new starter session with the Royal Windsor Rollergirls, as advised by google. Feeling sick, dizzy and knowing no-one, she walks through the doors of the leisure centre, half expecting to see a scene not dissimilar to ‘Whip It’. How wrong she was. With not a pair of fishnets in sight, she is greeted by kind, encouraging faces and words of motivation and encouragement. This girl had never step foot in a pair of skates before and so after falling over almost immediately, looked up expecting to be laughed at. Instead one of the lovely coaches was holding out her hand, ready to help her back up..

Fast-forward to the present and you will find that I am now comfortable in my own skin, I have ever-growing confidence and a fierce determination to succeed with everything I do. I am a rookie and I still fall over. But that’s okay, because I can laugh at myself. I am proud of what I have achieved and I am happy with where I am. I have nothing but admiration and appreciation for all the help and support I have had from these amazing athletes; who, by the way, are the least judgemental people you will ever meet. The only regret I have is not joining sooner.

Now you’ve read my story, it’s time to start yours!