Saturday saw Royal Windsor take on the Dolly Rockits in both a mixed B team (Penguins vs. Pigeons) and A team (Who Dares Windsor) Mary Poppins themed Bout.

SUPER-JAMMERS-GO-BALLISTIC-BLOCKERS-ARE-FEROCIOUS! was Windsor’s return bout after playing the Dolly Rockits at home back in September 2011. With a defeat of almost 100 points a year ago, Windsor were looking to turn this around.

The afternoon kicked off with the mixed B team bout – Penguins vs. Pigeons.
Windsor had players in both teams.

For Rae of Fright and EL N’ Rage (Team Pigeon) it was their first public bout – and they did Windsor proud! Showing off all the skills and drills they’ve worked so hard on at practice.

Both teams gave it there all, but it was the Penguins who took an early lead, with the halftime score at 111 to 58. Trice on Team Penguin was unstoppable with her jamming skills and both Red Arrow and Ashtrix (Team Penguin) and AmeriKim (Team Pigeon) proved fierce blockers.

The Pigeons came back fighting in the second half, but the Penguins were able to hold on to their lead for the rest of the game. The final score was Penguins 184; Pigeons 151.

Next up were Windsor’s A team: Who Dares Windsor, against the Dolly All-Stars.

Windsor took an early lead with two power jams in the first half, with Sophie Ellis Decks Her and Buckley both jamming and racking up the points. Windsor proved their defence skills were to be reckoned with: powerful blocking from Mouth, Calamity Lane and Foxtrot Oscar.  At half time the score was Windsor 135; Dolly Rockits 15!

In the second half, the Dolly’s really upped their game and racked up more points with a power jam. However, this didn’t knock Windsor’s confidence and once again, showed how strong their defence was with solid walls and perfect positional blocking by Laptalis, Melvin, Stomp Em, Walker and Bad Ab’it. Windsor were also able to maintain a big score difference with impressive jamming from Crucifix, Hillsdon and Siouxsie Sutures. At the end of the second half it was Windsor ‘the underdogs’ who were able to hold on to their position and win the game with the final score of 184; 77!

This was also Rambo Blackshanks’ first public bout and proved how she’d earned her place as one of Windsor’s top players, by showing off some amazing blocking and teamwork skills.

Congratulations to all the girls who took part and to all the refs and supporters who attended the bout. And a big THANK YOU to the Dolly Rockit Rollers for hosting the bout and being such lovely rollergirls!

Words: Steph ‘Gnarly’ Brown