Saturday 19th November was a historic day for the league – not only did we bout in our new home venue, Windsor Leisure Centre, for the first time, but it was also the day when Royal Windsor – working with new additions to the team – took on Stockholm’s A-Team, who were fielding a roster containing EIGHT Team Sweden players.

First up, Stockholm’s B team went head-to-head with a collective of women who were lean, mean, and dressed in green – the ‘Super Troopers’, a coalition of players from across the UK.  Women from Portsmouth Roller Wenches, Kent Rollergirls, Hertfordshire Hells Belles, Seaside Sirens Roller Girls, Dolly Rockit Rollers, Bristol Harbour Harlots and the Royal Windsor Rollergirls joined forces.

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Despite not having the advantage of having skated together before, the ‘Super Troopers’ gelled together surprisingly quickly and displayed some good defensive work, and consistent walls to stop Stockholm and help their jammers pull clear of the pack.  However, Stockholm’s B-Team had the advantage of knowing their own players and their strategies. The final score was Stockholm (B) 97 – Super Troopers 41.

In the second half of the double header, the Royal Windsor Rollergirls (RWRG) took to the track, determined to give it everything we had.  RWRG struggled at the start; SRD were on 63 points before Foxtrot Oscar scored us our first 4 points.  RWRG’s Crucivix fought hard and scored against the odds, coming up against the likes of Mad Maloony and dealing with the challenge of former Rat City, Gotham, and Crime City skater, the statuesque Swede Hurt.  Trashbag proved to be a real crowd pleaser; mashing her way through the pack with grim determination as a jammer, and not letting ANY Stockholm blockers get in herway.

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Despite the massive score difference, Royal Windsor fought hard and used some smart blocking and managed to recycle the jammers into the pack at times, keeping the Swedish girls on their toe(stops).  The final score was Stockholm (A) 259 – 93 RWRG.