With six of the RWRG fourteen joining the league in the latter half of 2011, Windsor could be viewed as a pretty new team right now.  Despite this, in the past three months they’ve taken on players from World Cup teams; Ireland, England and Sweden and this weekend was no different as they faced up to their biggest challenge to date; a triple header against London Rollergirls; Batter C Power featuring Team England all-rounder Metallikat and Helsinki Roller Derby featuring eight members of the Finnish national team.

The opening game of the tournament saw Batter C Power take on the Helsinki ladies, the first half remained close and at half time with the score at  LRG C 71 – HRD 63 this was anyone’s game.  The second half saw some unlucky jams for the Finns with Flippin Lori Meyers picking up her seventh major penalty and Jammer; Kata Strofi losing a wheel in two jams, the pivot unable to retrieve the star and LRG took advantage with Metallikat picking up a 29 point jam.  The final score LRG C 148 – HRD 100.

LRG MVP – Metallikat, HRD Best Jammer – Kata Strofi, HRD Best Blocker – Tigre Force, HRD MVP – Flippin Lori Meyers

After a short break it was time for London to hit the track again, and time for Windsor to make their debut.  With just one change to the LRG line-up: Mama Mash Bash replacing captain Sugar Bump, London were showing no signs of fatigue, Team England’s Metallikat demonstrating some great offensive play as well as powerful jamming.  A penalty heavy first half for Windsor saw them trailing by 75 points at half time, but with power jams for CruciVix and debut skater; Nessquik, tactical blocking from Gail Force, Yorkshire Tripper, BambiAnn ThumpHer and Witch Hazel and some of the heaviest hits of the tournament delivered by Trashbag and Foxtrot Oscar, Windsor racked up the points in the second half bringing the deficit to just eighteen with seven minutes left on the clock.  A seventh major penalty saw Foxtrot Oscar ejected and a power jam to London meant despite a 28 point jam for Nessquik, Windsor couldn’t quite do enough to close the gap.  Final score LRG C 202, RWRG 180.

LRG Best Jammer – Pippa Spray, LRG Best Blocker – Rushin Doll, LRG MVP – Metallikat, RWRG Best Jammer – CruciVix, RWRG Best Blocker – Trashbag, RWRG MVP – Gail Force.

I’m immensely proud of what RWRG’s skaters have been able to achieve in the past few months- a team of relatively inexperienced derby players with the heart & spirit to take on any challenge thrown at them, including bouting against [in excess of] 20 world class skaters in the last 4 public bouts. Having seen how much improvement has been made in such a short space of time, I’m super excited about what we will accomplish in the future – it’s thrilling to coach dedicated and pro-active skaters, with such a passion for the sport and our league!

Rollin StoneR – Head Coach

Next up, Windsor and a rested Helsinki, with just one change to their roster, Suvi Hokkari; Helsinki and Team Finland captain replacing Glory S Bottoms.  Helsinki played a fast game against a tired Windsor and with Bambi Crushbone scoring two 20 point jams, at half time the score, RWRG 17, HRD 140.  Windsor would need to step it up if they were to repeat the second half comeback of their earlier game.  With Foxtrot Oscar nearing her second ejection of the day and Yorkshire Tripper spending some time with the medics,  determination and teamwork from Roll Model, Slapped Alice, Flamin Nora and Meeow You Ow coupled with heavy hits from Trashbag and Calamity Lane enabled jammers CruciVix, Siouxsie Sutures and Nessquik to battle on, scoring another 66 points for Windsor, bringing the final score to RWRG 83, Helsinki 232.

RWRG Best Jammer – Nessquik, RWRG Best Blocker – Yorkshire Tripper, RWRG MVP – Trashbag, HRD Best Jammer – Bambi Crushbone, HRD Best Blocker – Tigre Force, HRD MVP – Suvi Hokkari

Everyone had been preparing for this for a long time, our first WFTDA sanctioned bout against two great teams! The games were fast and there were some amazing thrills and spills. Everyone from Windsor fought hard and showed outstanding team work and determination. We made LRG and Helsinki fight hard for their wins.  A massive congratulations to Nessquik for getting the Best Jammer award from Helsinki, an amazing start to her derby career and one to watch for in the future.

CruciVix, Captain

Photo courtesy of www.blackteaphotography.com

Windsor would like to thank all visiting players, officials, volunteers, the staff at Windsor Leisure Centre, GBEMS, vendors; Inkabilly, More Brains Vicar, Gothabillys,  www.hockeyrange.com and everyone who came along to support on the day, we really appreciate it.

Windsor would also like to say a couple of goodbyes, to Megan (Gail Force) who is leaving after a brief spell with Windsor to continue her travels, we hope to see her again soon and to Mary (Red Arrow) who has given us years of hard work and dedication for which we are truly grateful, don’t be a stranger Mary!