It’s been a busy few weeks here in Windsor, 2 weeks ago we hosted Sur5al Remix, our first co-ed Sur5al event.  15 teams from around the UK each consisting of 3 girls and 2 guys , played each other just once in a 2 minute jam.  Each team receiving 1 point for lead jammer, 5 points for a win and 2 points for a drawn jam.  It was a great day and we’d like to say a belated thank you to everyone involved in the organisation, to the huge official crews needed for this event and to our awesome sponsors Inkabilly and Skate Station.

Photo Craig Richmond

Highlights of the day included SDRD power blocker Piston Broke entertaining the crowd with an outstanding jam including apex jump, for his team Rockin’ Rollers.  For fans of the home team ‘Terminal 5’ (featuring Rollin Stone R and Ballistic Whistle alongside Windsor’s Trashbag, Culverhouse and Cle-Blam-O) beating Team Double Threat, the only 5 to do so on the day!

Photo Craig Richmond

Here are the results..

Highest score in a single jam: Electrix Avin U (Rad Omens) – 45

Most jammer points (team) (Team Double Threat) – 375

Most jammer points (individual) – Nanaki (Team Double Threat) – 264

Most legal JTOs – Ballistic Whistle (Terminal 5) & Lil John (Freakin Rad) – 24

Best turned out team – Foxy Morons

First to foul out – Barry Fight (Team Bret Hart)

Ultimate Sur5ors – TEAM DOUBLE THREAT

Our next Sur5al event is for the rookies, all 15 places have been filled and we’re proud to tell you that Inkabilly and Skate Station will also be sponsoring this event.  Check out our facebook event Rookie Riot on November 2nd for team and ticket updates.

Next … the long-awaited launch of our junior Roller Derby league the Curfew Skate Crew, the girls aged 11 to 17 got together in Ascot for the first time and the standard of skating was amazing, we can’t wait to show the world just how good these kids are.  If anyone you know is interested in joining please get in touch:

Later that day we celebrated our 6th birthday with a party and our annual player awards. It’s been an amazing, prediction-busting year for us, rising from 41 to 14 in the European rankings, travelling to France and Belgium, the launch of our C team the ‘Crown Duellers’ (who will play their first game against Surrey in October!) and seeing Sur5al played across 3 continents in just one weekend!
We have so much more to look forward to in the coming year but for now here’s who won what….

The one to watch next season – Suenamy

The most improved skater – Flimzy

Smelliest kit – CruciVix

Official of the year – SiBorg

Most inspirational – Cle-Blam-O and Siouxsie Sutures

Biggest hitter – Trashbag

Best teamwork – Marie Melvin

Best jammer – Siouxsie Sutures

Best blocker – Big Don

Player of the year – Sophie Culverhouse

Founders Award – Xenia Ona-blokk

Congratulations to all our winners!

Next we’re really excited to tell you about our latest sponsor: Grant and Stone (Builders, plumbing and decorating merchants, electrical wholesalers and bathroom showrooms).
Grant and Stone are supporting the Windsor Rollergirls in our efforts to fund the ‘A’ team on their trip to the states in 2014 to compete at Beach Brawl.  We would like to say a huge thank you to Grant and Stone for their generous donation and support.  Please visit their website and our sponsorship page for more information.

Lastly, we have a game this weekend! We’re kicking off our 2013/14 season with the B-Headers taking on Mean Valleys ‘A’ team in a rematch at Windsor Leisure Centre, tickets are cheaper online so get yours here now!

Hope to see you all soon!