It’s been 28 years since DJ Mike Read famously cut short and ‘banned’  the Frankie Goes to Hollywood single ‘Relax’ on BBC Radio 1, but it was Royal Windsor Rollergirls’ skater Emma Thomson aka Siouxsie Sutures who persuaded Mike Read, in his own words to ‘make history’ today by playing the song for the first time since lifting the needle in 1984.

Emma (right) with twin sister Anne

While appearing on BBC Berkshire’s day time show to promote Windsor’s upcoming bout, Emma was asked to share her favourite films, books, food and songs, Emma (23) was unaware of the controversy surrounding ‘Relax’ in the 80’s and was surprised when Read went on to explain his version of events.  Emma and listeners heard how Read had recent encounters with both Holly Johnson and the director of the controversial video, he then went on to sing the praises of the group, listing their many hits and adding that ‘Two Tribes’ was actually his favourite.

Emma jamming for the Royal Windsor Rollergirls

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