Here in Windsor our super progressive ‘Beginners to Winners’ programme means we are now in a position to introduce our 3rd bouting travel team: the Crown Duels……

The strict rotating bench in operation at our intra-league bouts already means that all skaters: A B or C share equal track time in our exciting Hawker Hurricane/Merry Wives games in Staines, but we can’t wait to see the Crown Duels in action together!

Windsor Coach, Ross Stone (Rollin Stone R) said:

“It’s exciting times at Windsor, with more & more ‘bout ready’ skaters coming up through the ranks.  As a consequence we want to offer all of our skaters the chance to represent their league and the Crown Duels facilitates this!  It also enables Windsor teams to play against newer leagues that are looking to gain valuable bouting experience”.

A few of our Crown Duellers and coaches modelling the new C team tee shirts

If you would like to play the Crown Duels, home or away, open or closed please email and if you’d like to get your hands on a Crown Duels tee shirt contact or pick one up at any home game.