Saturday 6th April saw our second intra-league bout of 2013 and this time representing the Merry Wives (of Windsor) in red were Windsor’s ‘B’ team players, their opposition the Hawker Hurricanes in green made up of players from Windsor’s ‘A’ and ‘C’ teams.

Rachel Shore (jamming) in red, against Hawker Blockers Nikki ‘Mouth’ Hazell, Marie Melvin and Siouxsie Sutures

Usual Windsor intra-league rules applied and a strict rotating bench ensured all players got equal track time.

The fans were treated to thrilling jammer battles, big hits, tactical play and breath-taking leaps and agility.  At half time the Hurricanes were leading 149-31.  The second period saw a  penalty-heavy Hurricanes side reduced to just 1 and 2 players on track and a series of power jams to the Merry Wives enabled them to close the gap, the final score 253-124 to the Hawker Hurricanes.

 Cle-Blam-O (jamming) in red for the Merry Wives against blockers Elaine Stevens and Caron Laptalis

Congratulations to Crissy ‘Flimzy’ Howes who made her bouting debut, jamming for the Hawker Hurricanes after passing her minimum skills just 2 weeks earlier.

You can see the B-Headers in action against Bristol Roller Derby’s B team in Windsor this Saturday, 13th April, tickets on sale now.  Buy Here

Thanks to Matthew Williams for the photos.