Just 1 week after our win in Paris and 1 week before we head to Nottingham to take on the Hellfire Harlots, it was time for another intra-league bout with our Windsor themed teams Hawker Hurricanes (green) and Merry Wives (red) ready to battle it out once more.

Merry Wives jammers Rachel Shore and Riley Cyrus fought for every point against the strong Hawker walls of Xenia Ona-Blokk, Katy Bartlett, PipLash and Ashtrix, while Merry wives blockers Little Don, Kym Boden, Tash of the Titans and captain Cat Walker battled to contain the power and agilty of Hawker jammers Sophie Culverhouse (captain) and Cle-Blam-O.  At half time the scores were 147-121 to the Merry Wives.

Sophie Culverhouse (jamming), blockers Marie Melvin & El N’Rage

But…this was a (high scoring) game won and lost on power jams, there were lead changes and the scores remained close.  In the second period and with power jams against them the Merry Wives lost their lead and were unable to pull it back.  This time a win for the Hawker Hurricanes 278-292.

Katy Bartlett (jamming) chased by Merry Wives captain Cat Walker

As with all Windsor intra-league bouts, both teams operated a strict queuing bench and coach Rollin StoneR was on hand to ensure this was adhered to at all times.  All players A, B or C team, shared equal track time.

You’ll be able to see our B-Headers in action on March 23rd when they take on the mighty Sheffield Steel Rollergirls in Sheffield.

Photos – Craig Richmond