Tell us about your skate name?

My name came from when I was out in Australia. I met a group of girls over Mardi Gras and we called each other Trashbags as all we seemed to do was get trashed and the name has stuck.

Sam (3rd from the left) representing Windsor at Tattoo Freeze Sur5al

How did you get into roller derby?

Initially I saw a couple of games out in Sydney and thought it looked cool but came home and thought nothing more of it. Then one day I was at work and there was a roller disco happening.  I jumped onto the rink as they were short of a marshall.  I saw a load of derby girls on quads in kit and then a guy skated up to me called Ross and asked if I wanted to go to practice with them one day.  I thought I would give it a go thinking it would last for one session as it was on quads and I would be rubbish as I have been on inlines/ice skates for so many years, but it became very addictive very quickly.

Tell us about your other sports?

I also play Ice Hockey for the Bracknell Queen Bees as a Netminder, we are in the Premier League and the Elite League. I also coach Inline Hockey for beginners. I have been playing hockey for 16 years now. In the last year I have also started up longboarding  which is lots of fun.

Sam (in red) playing for the ‘Merry Wives’ intra-league team

Have you had any sports injuries?

I have had a few minor injuries over the years and one major one. I was out in Germany playing Inline Hockey and a big dutch girl hip checked me and I thought I had the worst numb bum I had ever experienced but I actually dislocated my hip. After 6 years of being in pain I finally had an operation and now it’s all better. Most of my injuries come from after-parties if that counts as sports injuries???

What are your roller derby highlights so far?

I was pretty happy getting ‘Most Jammer Takeouts’ at the first Sur5al.  I don’t know really it’s always a highlight winning an award after a game as I never expect it.  We train so much that when a game comes around and we all get onto the track and put into play what we have practiced and it works it’s a great feeling. Other than that, I do love making big hits 😀

Is there another derby player you really admire and why?

In the Merby world: Mr. Furieux because he is twisty and so smooth in the way he plays/skates. And in the derby world I like Kid Block (Tiger Bay Brawlers) as she is a good all rounder, has really good strength and hits well.  This isnt sucking up but I also admire my coach Rollin Stone R, he is a great player but also a great coach. He knows his stuff and has a lot of patience considering he coaches such a big group of (loud) girls. He pushes everyone to get better and is constantly trying to improve our team and individual skills.  I admire something in every skater as everyone brings something different to the game.

Quick questions…

Favourite song? Baz Luhrmann – Sunscreen Song, Heart – Alone, Boybands – any song.

Favourite film? Muriels Wedding

Favourite food? Thai or cheese

Favourite drink? Cider….water the morning after, This Water, Coke, COFFEE.

Favourite holiday destination? Sydney

Favourite website? or

Favourite TV show? Anything to do with true crime.

Favourite twitter account? I’m pretty stupid when it comes to Twitter but it’s always good to know what ‘Royal Windsor Rollergirls’ are up to 😉

Want to tell us anything else? I own a Skate shop called ‘Hockey Range’ we have a dedicated section in-store and online for all you lovely roller derby players. And if you don’t fancy buying anything you’re more than welcome just to pop in for a chat if you bring me a coffee. I’d like to one day have a nice roller derby picture of me without my face looking like a scrunched up piece of paper.