Saturday 15th September, we celebrated our 5th birthday and an awesome year at RWRG with team talents (we don’t just skate) and our annual awards ceremony.  Read on for the awards, the nominations and the winners.

Photos – Cris Howes

The Skater to Watch Out For Next Season

Nominated: Rambo Blackshanks, Sophie Ellis Decks Her, Steflon

WINNER: Rambo Blackshanks


The Skater Most True to Their Skate Name

Nominated: Mouth, NessQuick, Trashbag



The Hardest Hitter

Nominated: Calamity Lane, Foxtrot Oscar, Trashbag

WINNER: Trashbag


The Life of the After Party

Nominated: Marie Melvin, Rachel Hillsdon, Trashbag

WINNER: Marie Melvin


Most Inspirational Skater

Nominated: Caron Laptalis, Calamity Lane, Rachel Hillsdon, CruciVix

WINNER:  CruciVix


Hardest Working Off Skates

Nominated: Siouxsie Sutures, Marie Melvin, Rachel Hillsdon

WINNER: Marie Melvin


Most Dedicated On Skates

Nominated: Siouxsie Sutures, Mouth, CruciVix

WINNER: CruciVix


The Febreeze Award for the Smelliest Kit

Nominated: Bad Ab’it, Rollin StoneR, CruciVix

WINNER: CruciVix


Most Improved Skater/Referee

Nominated: El N Rage, Siouxsie Sutures, Skin N Blister, Simon Treen

WINNER: Simon Treen


The Do-You-Really-Need-That Award for the Biggest Derby Shopper

Nominated: Amanda Piercey, Dale Goodall, Stomp Em

WINNER: Stomp Em


The Positivity Award for the Skater Who’s Always Smiling

Nominated: El N Rage, Siouxsie Sutures, Skin N Blister

WINNER: Skin N Blister


The Get-Up Award for the Biggest Faller

Nominated: Anna Riley, Calamity Lane, 12 Bar Bruise

WINNER: Anna Riley


Worldwide Derby Hero

Nominated: Kamikaze Kitten (London Rollergirls), Suzy Hotrod (Gotham Girls), Juke Boxx (Minnesota), Georgia W Tush (Montreal), Marie Melvin (Windsor), Rocky Ell Boa (Middlesbrough Milk Rollers), Stephanie Mainey (London Rollergirls).

WINNER: Kamikaze Kitten (This award was accepted on Kami’s behalf by RWRG captain Calmity Lane who read out a speech prepared by Kami.)


Official of the Year

Nominated: Dale Goodall, Vampire Brat, Simon Treen

WINNER: Vampire Brat


Jammer of the Year

Nominated: Siouxsie Sutures, Vanessa Buckley (NessQuick), CruciVix

WINNER: Vanessa Buckley


Blocker of the Year

Nominated: Calamity Lane, Foxtrot Oscar, Trashbag

WINNER: Trashbag


Skater of the Year

Nominated: Siouxsie Sutures, Mouth, Rachel Hillsdon

WINNER: Rachel Hillsdon

 All members voted in a private ballot and all  were eligible to be nominated.  Nominations were the top 3 members, or more if there was a draw, to receive the most votes.  All winners received a framed certificate and our new design tote bag (on a merch table near you soon).

Special Awards selected by the management committee went to:

The Treen Family – for baking, making, knitting, manning stalls, announcing, setting up, clearing up, tweeting and supporting.

Kat Belcher (Kat-a-pult) – who returned to RWRG just as soon as she’d given birth to her daughter Ana, whizzed through minimum skills, volunteered for every mixed game opportunity around the UK and is now part of the RWRG top 20.  Kat has also proved invaluable at sourcing prizes for raffles and tournaments.

Kirsty Thwaite (Vampire Brat) – prepares our stat sheets, organises and trains NSOs, adapted stat sheets and managed the smooth running of NSO crews for 2 Sur5al events.   Kirsty was also instrumental in our graduation to full WFTDA members, all this while getting married.

Founders Award – Calamity Lane

Head Coach Award – Siouxsie Sutures