It’s been 2 years since the Romsey Town Rollerbillies played in Windsor and yesterday (Saturday 23rd June) saw the Royal Windsor Rollergirls finally on our way to Cambridge for the reciprocal bout.

But before ‘Who Dares Windsor’ could take to the track we had chance to watch 4 RWRG ‘B-Headers’ take part in a 1980’s vs 2080’s bout. Representing RWRG for the 1980’s was Stomp’Em and Notorious Z.O.E (both made their public bouting debut at the Seaside Sirens the previous weekend) and playing for the futuristic 2080’s: Kat-a-Pult and Dazey Confused, (both playing their first public bout). The 40 minute bout saw some impressive jamming and blocking from all 4 RWRG’s with Dazey Confused picking up the award for Best Blocker for the 2080’s.

Next, ‘Who Dares Windsor’ took to the track sporting new white uniforms, pink WFTDA patches and tons of enthusiasm. With some impressive jamming from CruciVix and Vanessa Buckley; both picking up injuries along the way and Rachel Hillsdon and Siouxsie Sutures also adding to the scoreboard, RWRG held on to the lead for almost the full 60 minutes, with the score differential reaching just 4 points in the first half of the second period.  But with some strong teamwork and tactical play from captain Calamity Lane, Marie Melvin and Trashbag and some heavy hits and powerful swarming from Mouth, Foxtrox Oscar and Caron Laptalis, Windsor managed to open up the lead in the latter part of the second period to take the win, 199 Windsor – 155 Romsey Town.

Player awards went to:
Best Jammer: CruciVix
Best Blocker: Foxtrot Oscar
MVP: Trashbag

Thanks to all our supporters who travelled to Cambridge.

So, we’re on our summer break now (don’t worry we’re still training hard), but you can see us play here in the new season:

Aug 18th – Summer Sur5al at Windsor Leisure Centre.
Sept 8th – vs Dolly Rockit Rollers – away (Leicester)
Oct 6th – vs Cardiff Roller Collective – home – double header
Oct 20th – RWRG host Sur5al for boys
Feb 23rd – vs Paris Roller Girls – away (Paris)
May 25th – vs One Love Roller Dolls – away (Antwerp)
More dates to be added soon!