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Feb 7th  – Home – B-Headers (B) vs Hell’s Belles Roller Girls

Mar 14th – Home – Who Dares Windsor (A) vs Nothing Toulouse.

Mar 21st – Away – British Championship bout. Who Dares Windsor (A) vs Seaside Sirens.

Apr 11th – Home – Who Dares Windsor (A) vs Go Go Gent.

May 9th – Away – British Championship bout. Who Dares Windsor (A) vs Brighton Rockers.

Jun 6th – Home – Who Dares Windsor (A) vs Dublin Roller Derby.

Jun 27th – Away – B-Headers (B) vs Roller Derby Porto.

Jul 11th – Away – Who Dares Windsor (A) vs London Rockin’ Rollers.

Aug 8th – Away – Who Dares Windsor (A) vs Bristol Roller Derby.

More away dates to be added soon!

If you would like to play our A team ‘Who Dares Windsor’, B team ‘The B-Headers’ or C team ‘The Crown Duels’, home or away, closed or open, please get in touch:

Windsor v Helsinki – May 2013

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Windsor v Stockholm – May 2013

 Windsor v Gent – May 2013

Windsor v Rainy City – May 2013