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We hold a new starter intake once a month at Charters Leisure Centre, Ascot: this session is open to potential derby skaters and officials (over 18 only).  Absolute beginners are welcome, the first session is free and we have plenty of spare skates and protective pads to get you started.  If you’d like to come along to a new starter session, please email: (If you want to borrow skates, please mention your shoe size).

Upcoming Sessions in 2016:

12th October 7-8 pm

9th November  7-8pm

7th December 7-8pm

All sessions starting at 7pm are followed by a regular team practice session.

Frequently asked questions:

I don’t have any skates can I borrow some? – YES, we have plenty of skates, pads and helmets that you can borrow to get you started.  We do ask though that you buy your own equipment as soon as possible as we have a lot of rookies at the moment so skate demand is very high.

Am I too old for this?  – NO, we have skaters in their late teens through to their fifties.  You must be over 18 but there is no upper age limit.

Is it dangerous? – There are risks as with any sport, but we’ll make sure you’re fully kitted out with good protective knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet.  The first thing we’ll teach you is how to fall safely.

How much does it cost? – Your first session is free, after that we ask £5 per practice or £10 for a Sunday practice with scrimmage.  After one month – or sooner if you want to start saving money straight away – you’ll be asked to pay a monthly sub of £35, this covers all practices (about 12 or 13 a month, so works out a lot cheaper than paying £5-£10 per session).